1907-08 Motion on militarism and war [Guesde]

Proposed to International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart, August 1907.Transcribed by Adam Buick.


That militarism is, as all International Congresses have declared, the natural and unavoidable result of the capitalist régime, based on the class struggle, and that this militarism cannot be abolished without abolishing its source, the capitalist régime;

That by the concentration of all working-class activities on the question of militarism they are drawn away from the real aim of their task: the conquest of political power for the annihilation of capitalism and the socialisation of the means of production;

That, on the other hand, the doctrine of this anti-militarism (from desertion and military strike to revolt) are only calculated to render propaganda and recruiting for Socialism more difficult, and thus to postpone the moment when the proletariat will be sufficiently organised and strong enough to put, by the Social Revolution, an end to militarism and all wars;

The Congress declares:

That the only campaign against militarism and for peace, if it is not to be a Utopia or a peril, must consist in the Socialist organisation of the workers of the whole world for the overthrow of capitalism, and that in the meantime all international wars be made impossible by reducing the terms of military service, by refusing all money votes for army, navy, and colonies, and by propaganda for the general armament of the people, and

That it is the duty of the International Bureau, in case a political conflict threatens, to meet according to its rules and take the necessary measures.

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