Iran: Grève des ouvriers de la raffinerie de canne à sucre de Chouch


ILRW [rapide traduction militante par nos soins], 10-11-07 : Ghorban Alipour et Mohammad Heydari Mehr, deux ouvriers de Haft Tapeh restent emprisonnés bien qu’ils aient obtenu les fonds disponibles pour leur caution. La cour avait fixé un montant de 50 millions de tomans ($50.000) par personne. Mohammad Heydari Mehr, délégué des ouvriers de l’usine de sucre de Haft Tapeh, a été arrêté par des forces de sécurité le 7 novembre 2007 après avoir été invité à se rendre aux bureaux de rensignements et de sécurité de la ville de Shoush. Ghorban Alipour, un autre délégué des ouvriers de l’usine de sucre de Haft Tapeh a été arrêté chez lui et emmené par des forces de sécurité le 5 novembre 2007. Les dernières arrestations dans cette entreprise ont entraîné à une grève. Les ouvriers du sucre de Haft Tapeh disent continuer leur grève tant que leurs représentants ne seront pas libérés.

Appel du PCO d’Iran aux syndicats et organisations ouvrières partout dans le monde, 7 novembre 2007:

The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has started to arrest striking Haft-Tape workers!

The workers demand international support!

On Monday, November 5th one of the workers of Haft-Tape Sugar Factory naming Qorban (Ramazan) Alipour was arrested by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and was taken to an unidentified place. On Wednesday November 7th at 7.30 a.m. another worker of the same facilities naming Mohammad Haydari Mesr was also arrested. Today (Wednesday) workers stopped working in the morning round to protest the arrests and gathered in front of the main office of the factory. Workers declared that unless their comrades will be released, all 4000 permanent and 2000 temporary workers would go on strike on Thursday November 8th.

The detained workers are accused of participating in strike for unpaid wages and benefits, circulating petition and collecting 2500 signatures demanding the right to form their union and their regular weekly general assembly. You might have already been informed that Haft-Tape workers went on strike on September 29th demanding their unpaid wages and other benefits and rights and continued their action until October 9th. They succeeded to get the unpaid wages after 11 days. Nowadays, the Islamic regime tries to terrorize workers in order to prevent them from building their organization by arresting worker leaders.

Haft-Tape Sugar Factory workers have stood united and firm against such conspiracies. However, as the pressures put on them by the Ministry of Intelligence are intensified they need widespread international support. The International Labour Solidarity Committee calls on all worker organizations and unions to support Haft-Tape workers and to condemn the Islamic Republic for its anti-worker activities. Here are some of immediate demands of Haft-Tape workers:

1-Immediate and unconditional release of qorban Alipour and Mohammah Haydari Mesr;
2-Ending arrests of workers and cancellation of their cases;
3-The right to form weekly general assembly of workers on Thursdays from 1 to 2 p.m.;
4-The right to form their union;

An international action in objection to arrest of workers such as Mamhmoud Salehi, Mansour Osanlou, and Ebrahim Madadi and urging their release and freedom for all political prisoners; an action similar to that of February 15 and August 9, 2006, can pressure the Islamic regime further and will be an effective step toward the release of detained worker leaders. We look forward to your actions in this regard.


Shahla Daneshfar
Coordinator of the International Labor Solidarity Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran


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    The best way to smash Islamism, is with class struggle and socialism.


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