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Letter to the Trade Unions and Labour Organizations Worldwide on Holding a Regional Conference for the Workers’ Movement

Dear friends

We, the leaders and activist of the workers’ movement in Iraq resolved to hold a regional conference for the labour movement in Iraq. We believe that Iraq has been turned to a field to settle account among international forces and into the biggest base that exports terrorism to the world. Millions of the Iraq masses of which the working class form the vast majority pay the price for the current disastrous conditions.

On the other hand, the occupation is determined to impose its economic and political projects on the Iraqi masses, establish its bases and leave its marks on the society even after it leaves. The occupation has abolished all the resolutions of the former regime except those related to the working class.

Moreover, the occupation passed more unfair resolutions to supplement the resolutions of the former regime against workers like banning the formation of trade unions in public sector, privatization, interference of the state in workers’ affairs by imposing one certain federation on them and lack of any laws which protect workers against poverty, illness and the aggressions of the employers and so on.

In addition, the workers have been the target of terrorist operations. Working and living places have been frequently hit. The sectarian gangs try through these acts to embroil workers in the sectarian conflict in order to kill each other.

We believe that workers as a class form the majority of the Iraqi masses who have no interest in the ongoing terrorist war and are still socially immune against involving in the sectarian war. They can build a united front in Iraq and along with their brothers, the workers of the region and world to face the catastrophic conditions imposed on the Iraqi workers and the workers of the region and the world.

The Middle East is the hottest and most dangerous regions in the world. The US administration is planning on various levels to launch a war on Iran. We in Iraq have paid a dire price for the war and the entire region has been also affected. We struggle to prevent a catastrophic war on Iran. The victims as usual would be workers and their families.

The regional conference we decided to hold is an important step in establishing the international front which builds solidarity and shapes a better future not only for workers but the whole society in the entire region.

We call on you to provide financial support to this conference which is to be held in late May or early June 2008 that we think will strengthen the workers’ movement and its independent rank in fight for democracy, freedom, security and prosperity.

Preparation Committee:
1-Amjad Ali, Abroad Representative of the Federation of the Workers’ Councils and Unions in Iraq.
2-Ilham Talabani, Head of the Women’s Office in Iraq Freedom Congress
3-Adil Khalaf, of the international transport Union.
4-Hassan Jumaa, Head of the Federation of Oil Unions in Iraq
5-Said Na’ma, Deputy President of the Federation of Workers’ Councils and Unions in Iraq
6-Samir Adil, President of the Iraq Freedom Congress
7-Samir al-Mosawi, President of Union of Oil sector-Baghdad
8-Subhi al-Badri, Head of the Federation of Workers’ Councils and Unions in Iraq
9-Sabah al-Yassery, Head of FWCUI-Babylon
10-Falh Abod, Deputy President of Oil Union
11-Ali Abbass, Head of FWCUI-Basra
12-Abdul-Karim Abdul Sadda, Deputy President of FWCUI
13-Awaad Salih, Head of teachers Unions in Samaraa
14-Abdul-Zahra Abdul-Hassan, Head of Services Union
15-Abdullah Aeed Najim, Head of Railways union.
16-Adil al-Jabarri, Member of the Executive Committee of Oil Federation
17-Alyia Jabar, Services Union
18-Gazi Moshatit, Head of Mechanics and printing Union.
19-Minhal Hamood –Office for Women’s affairs in Mechanics and Printing Union
20-Nathim Rathi, Head of General Union of the Iraqi Ports
21-Waleed Hassan, Head of the General Union of Electricity Workers.
22-Karim Lafta Sindan, Head of the General Unions of Construction and woodwork
23-Nadia Fleh Abbass, Women’s affairs in Services Unions
24-Khitam Karim Hassan, General Office of Women’s Affairs

Said Noa’ma Nasir is the coordinator of the conference


Falah Alwan, secrétaire général de Fédération des conseils ouvriers et syndicats en Irak, lors d'un meeting contre l'occupation à Bagdad, 2005.

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