Marxist-Humanist Initiative

  • New Marxist-Humanist organization in the U.S.
  • Successor to News and Letters Committees and the Marxist-Humanist Committee.

We are pleased to announce the formation of Marxist-Humanist Initiative.  We intend to be a new beginning for Marxist-Humanism, and a new organization for a time of crisis.

We are among those driven out of News and Letters Committees in 2008 by a clique that wrested control of the organization’s resources.  We and some others then formed a temporary working group (Marxist-Humanist Committee) that tried to establish a new Marxist-Humanist organization.  In the end, they refused to cooperate with us– although there were not « philosophical » divisions between us–and they disbanded the MHC on March 8, International Women’s Day, against our will.

Our new organization, Marxist-Humanist Initiative, is the sole U.S. proponent of the perspective of rebuilding an organization capable of projecting, developing, and concretizing Marx’s Marxism and Marxist-Humanism, in order to renew the Marxist-Humanist tradition for our time.  (The other groups calling themselves Marxist-Humanist are not trying to rebuild such an organization.)  The challenge is daunting and success is certainly not assured. We have no illusion that we are now that organization, but we hope to be a bridge to such a new kind of organization.

Our members are few but diverse in age, gender, color, and ethnicity.  Some members have decades of experience in N&LC. Others are thoughtful, bright and energetic youth who we hope will be the nucleus of Marxist-Humanism’s next generation. All of us are dedicated to establishing a collective, fair, and sustainable form of working that is based in our revolutionary philosophy.

For more information, please see

Our new website ( currently features pieces on

  • « Marx, Proudhon, and alternatives to capital »
  • « Theorizing women’s liberation before, during and after the revolution »
  • « On the Roots of the Current Economic Crisis and Some Proposed Solutions »
  • a new opinion poll that found a surprising degree of support for socialism in the U.S.
  • videos of a panel on “Marx’s ‘Capital’ and the Economic Crisis”  at last month’s  Left Forum conference in New York
  • audiotapes of a panel on « Concretizing Marx’s Alternative to Capitalism: A Marxist-Humanist Perspective » at the same conference
  • audiotapes of a panel on « Building Solidarity with Iraq’s Civil Resistance » at the same conference
  • a piece commenting on « the Relationship between Marxism and the Hegelian Dialectic

We invite the public to engage in dialogue with us by posting comments on these and future postings, and by submitting postings to us.


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