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Le Parti d’unité du communisme-ouvrier (scission du PCO d’Iran, avec Azar Majedi et Ali Javadi) a mis en ligne un pdf de 125 pages compilant un communiqué sur la crise et deux textes de Mansoor Hekmat.


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Sommaire / Contents:

Avant-propos / About this book:

The world is under the grip of one of the deepest and most far-reaching economic crises in the history of the capitalist system. The bourgeoisie has gone to great length in order to protect capitalism from being attacked or targeted by the working class. They are ready to put the blame on anything or anyone, just to safeguard the system: the banks, the stock markets, the greedy top mangers or the unbridled free market have all been blamed for the current global capitalist crisis. First they talked of the credit crunch, eventually they began to use the word recession. This is a conscious attempt to avert the attentions from the root cause of the deepening and frightful crisis the world is facing today, that is, the capitalist system itself.

This is the inherent law of capitalism to periodically plunge into crisis and then, if not overthrown, to cleanse itself and start a new cycle of accumulation. Each crisis results in a more intensified rate of exploitation of the workers.  And what we are facing today is exactly that. However, this round has been much deeper and had more far-reaching consequences than any other hitherto crises.

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the whole Eastern block opened up the doors to a vast new market for the capital, allowing the would-be periodical crises to be overcome more smoothly and rapidly. Nevertheless this only postponed the crisis and intensified its depth. The irony is that while the bourgeoisie is trying hard to avert the attentions from capitalism, the bourgeois press and media could not help but referring to Marx. “The return of Marx” was predicted. The “defeated socialism” had come to haunt them.

The world is on the brink of a total disaster. Capitalism is showing its most hideous side. The threat of hunger is looming over millions of world population. The future looks dismal and gloomy from different angles.
However, the situation could be turned to move in a different direction. The dawn of collapse of the capitalist system and rise of socialism could also be in sight, if the working classes are equipped with worker-communist theory and organised in worker-communist parties. This calls for a great effort and hard work on the part of the revolutionary worker-communism. An immense task lies before us.

In an attempt to demystify the root cause of the current economic crisis and to rebut some of the claims made by bourgeois ideologues against socialism, Worker-communism Unity Party (WUP) has decided to publish this book.
This is a compilation of two of Mansoor Hekmat’s works on the nature of capitalism and worker-communist view of socialism and socialist movement. In A Consideration of Marxist Theory of Crisis he presents a brief analysis of the general laws of capitalist production, helping us to grasp the inherent laws of capitalist accumulation and its periodical crises. In Marxism Today, he deals with pertinent political, theoretical and philosophical issues surrounding socialism, the collapse of the Soviet Union, state capitalism and worker-communism. The communiqué of the WUP-Iran on the present economic crisis, entitled World Capitalist Crisis and our Tasks is also included in this book. The world is in desperate need for change, to overthrow the
capitalist system and to replace it with socialism.

Azar Majedi
April 2009

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