International Declaration of Zenko Conference 2009

From IFC
Zenko conference was held in Yokohama, Japan, on August 1st and 2nd, with international participants from Iraq, the US, the Philippines, Korea, and Japan, who were gathered together in pursuit of peace and democracy.

We see policies of war and neo-liberalism going bankrupt in the ongoing global depression and in the withdrawal of multi-national forces and partial withdrawal of US forces from Iraq. It is high time that we should win a radical shift in the policies of war and neo-liberalism.

Anti-war movements of the world must achieve the immediate and complete withdrawal of all the occupying forces and establish in Iraq the secular and democratic government that will not hand over its oil resources to global capital. This will pave the way for creating a peaceful world that will never again allow illegal wars that violate international law.

For that sake, Iraqi people are gathering their power around Iraq Freedom Congress (IFC).

IFC, foreseeing a situation where the US military would partially withdraw its troops, held international labor conference in March this year, in an effort to unite Iraqi labor front, and successfully forged solidarity with workers of the world. It is a common task for the global anti-war peace movements to strengthen solidarity with IFC and support its work.

Sana satellite TV has been greatly instrumental in sustaining the activities of IFC. Sana satellite TV is playing an important role in counteracting propaganda made by the al-Maliki puppet regime as well as by Political Islam. The US and the Political Islam that hate this medium have interfered with this TV station in various ways. Sana TV had its staff killed and its office looted and destroyed. It is imperative to support Sana TV and help it to continue and develop its broadcasting.

IFC and Iraqi people who are victims of war, IVAW who chose to work in solidarity with Iraqi people, taking the responsibility as an aggressor in the war, USLAW who are as workers, developing actions to refuse war cooperation, anti-war peace movements of the world; if we can combine all these forces together and struggle in solidarity with each other, victory is possible.

Also, let us abolish “worker dispatch law” which is the root cause of dismissal and poverty, and stop neo-liberalism. Japan and Korea have a common challenge against temporary labor. We should strengthen international solidarity toward abolishing temporary labor.

Together with this, let us support non-defended localities initiatives which protect children and civilians against war worldwide.

We declare as follows;

1. In order to prevent the illegal looting of Iraqi oil resources by global capital, let us stage an international campaign to protest global capital and respective governments.

2. In demand of immediate and complete withdrawal of all the occupying forces from Iraq, let us organize internationally coordinated campaign with actions in the fall of 2009 and in March, 2010.

3. Let us muster support for IFC toward realization of the secular, non-ethnic, and democratic government in Iraq. In helping Sana satellite TV to continue its broadcasting, let us stage an international campaign to raise fund of 14 million yen by the end of February 2010.

4. Let us strengthen international support with the Iraqi labor movement which is still suffering under anti-worker law instituted by Sadam regime, especially including decrees 150 and 151.

5. To protect children and civilians worldwide, let us support the community of peace for the children for the development of non-defended localities.

6. By strengthening international solidarity to abolish temporary labor, let us internationally collect signatures for the petition to the supreme court of Japan with the intention of determining the judgment delivered by the Osaka High court in Mr.Yoshioka’s case where Panasonic Plasma Display Corporation was condemned for its disguised subcontracting practice.

August 2nd, 2009, Yokohama, JAPAN

Endorsed by:

1. Abu Wattan (IFC)
2. Kevin Hussey (USLAW)
3. TJ Buonomo (IVAW)
4. Paul Galang (AKCDF)
5. SATO Kazuyoshi (MDS)
6. YAMAKAWA Yoshiyasu (ZENKO)
7. and all the other participants in the 39th ZENKO Annual Conference National Assembly for
Peace and Democracy

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