the commune – numéro de janvier 2010


Le numéro de janvier de The Commune est désormais disponible en ligne, ou peut être commandé auprès de Sommaire des articles plus bas.

a class war in westminster? – by Adam Ford

theocrats in iran strike out against activists – by Anahita Hosseini

burn the borders – by the collective for solidarity with the accused of Vincennes

north devon hospital strike – by a UNISON branch official

no more no2eu?

serwotka re-elected

barack obama’s first year in charge – by Ernie Haberkern

a new left for a new decade – by Steve Ryan

an alternative to the age of austerity – by Chris Ford

no answers from copenhagen climate summit – by Mark Ellingsen

islamic republic mark II: theocracy with a smiley face? – by Nathan Coombs

the road to oil: hope and fear in congo – by Taimour Lay

does recession stifle resistance? – by Sheila Cohen

trades union congress: no saviours from on high – by Clifford Biddulph

british airways court ruling flies in the face of democracy – by Gregor Gall

an alternative view of the classroom – by a Tower Hamlets primary teacher

why such scope for union-busting in schools? – by Florence Mensah

letters – time to vote labour?; syndicalism resurgent; republican socialist convention

a new decade… the task: to build from below – by Dave Spencer

cracks in the electoral tactics of france’s anti-capitalist party – by Ramate Keita

is a workers’ government a capitalist government? – by David Broder

the commune’s december aggregate meeting – by Mark Ellingsen

the commune’s activities

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