Workers in France!



Message reçu du Parti communiste-ouvrier d’Irak.

Your latest protest movements against the proposal of Nicolas Sarkozy’s government to rise the retirement age from 60 to 62 years have terrified the ruling class. It can be easily seen, that behind the intransigence and arrogance of Nicolas Sarkozy and his government there is a real horror which cannot be concealed. They have the right to be terrified, when they see millions of you, workers, united under radical prospects and they see that you have been able to attract the support and sympathy of the majority of the society and show who the real masters of the society are and who controls the wheel of life in the society.

They are terrified by the dimensions, the impact and forms of international worker solidarity starting from the demonstrations of workers in Brazil to those in Britain. They were terrified by the announcement of Belgium workers to foil Sarkozy’s endeavour to compensate for the acute shortage in fuel as the result of the demonstrations, by turning off the pipes which take fuel from Belgium to France. You have shown Sarkozy’s government and all other bourgeois governments where the power of the working class lies. You have also shown that if the working class unites its ranks it can bring down this government and the rule of the entire bourgeois class, which means ever growing impoverishment, deprivation, unemployment and daily encroachment upon our living standards and the future of our children, their education, happiness and their economic and social security.

Through this strike you have announced in a clear voice that you are not ready to pay for the crisis of the bourgeois class, the class that during periods of its prosperity and rapid accumulation of profits, you gain nothing more than subsistence and during its crisis you have to accept more hunger, poverty and unemployment. We are the human beings of 21st century and have the right to enjoy all pleasures of life that suit the achievements of this era which are the direct result of workers’ hard work and suffering. You have stressed that you are not ready to accept this upside down world, in which the pension age has to be increased while the army of unemployed workers reaches millions in Europe alone. We cannot accept that the bourgeoisie deems it excessive for us to enjoy our retirement years after decades of hard work and miseries.

Workers of France!

With your massive numbers and united ranks in struggle to abolish the notorious retirement law, you have revived the hope among workers in Europe and worldwide and given them the strength, the will and resolve to face the various attacks by the bourgeoisie around the world.

This is not the first time you stand in the forefront to impose retreat on the policies of bourgeoisie united to destroy the rights and gains of workers during its deep crisis. The bright pages in the history of the workers’ movement in France are innumerable. Today’s struggle is not alien to the society of revolutions, and gigantic social and political changes. It is not alien to the inheritors of the history of the French revolution under slogan of “freedom and equality”. It is not alien to the descendants of the class which overthrew the bourgeois rule and established workers’ rule in Paris Commune and untold number of massive protest movements over decades.

Comrades, Workers in France!

Once again millions of your fellow workers around the world turn the eyes to your struggle, and the progression of your struggle gives them hope in victory. You are the representative of prosperity and happiness in France and the lives, and the power of workers around the world hinges on you and your struggle. If you defeat Sarkozy’s government, the workers of Europe and the world will be the first to enjoy the fruits of this victory.

Your victory will direct a strong blow to the economic attack of the capital and force it to retreat on the scale of France and worldwide. Moreover, it will revive a strong revolutionary spirit among the workers of the world and make them regain their confidence and enthusiasm to rise and turn the table on the bourgeois regimes and foil their agendas.

The latest demonstrations have proved that the working class in France enjoys high levels of class awareness, from organization and unity to radical labour and socialist ideas and aspirations. However, the working class in France is in dire need of Marx’s socialism and vision. It is in dire need of a Worker-communist party which is committed to advancing this struggle to achieve its urgent goals in prosperity and puts organizing the ranks of millions of workers and all disgruntled on the status quo in the struggle to overthrow this whole ominous system and build a society of freedom and equality as its urgent goal.
The Worker-communist Party of Iraq, the party of the communist workers considers the struggle of the workers in France an essential part of its struggle and the struggle of its social movement and class which has international dimensions. The WP Iraq calls on workers in Iraq and worldwide to support the struggle of our comrades in France in all possible forms.

Long live Workers in France
Long live workers’ internationalism
Long live freedom, equality and workers’ rule

Faris Mahmood
Secretary of the Central Committe of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq
26th October 2010.

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