We condemn the brutal massacre of Marikana miners by the police


We workers and union activists strongly condemn the massacre of Marikana platinum miners in South Africa by the police on august 16th. This was a shear barbarity and a crime against humanity. This was clear massacre of defenceless workers who just demanded a wage increase. All evidences point to a pre planned bloody attack on the strikers by the police and employer, and no excuses justify this act of brutality against workers. We call upon all international workers and trade unionist and all people of the world to protest and condemn this barbarity by the South African police and employers. We declare that:

1- The identity of all the murdered miners should be publicized as soon as possible. All arrested workers and protesters must be released immediately.
2- All authorities and individuals who were in any level involved in this mass killing from decision making to organizing and shooting; should be put on trial in a public court.
3- The miners and families of all the victims should have access to free legal defense and jurisdiction consults during this trial.
4- All families of the victims should immediately receive financial support in a reasonable standard for whole their lives
5- All injured miners should have access to free and high standard medical treatment and should receive their full wage until they are completely recovered.
6- Marikana platinum miners were demanding wage rise when they were brutally attacked by the police. This mass killing shouldn’t overshadow miners’ wage demand. We support marikna miner’ wage rise.
7- We undersigned declare the day of miners’ mass killing as International day of protest against Capitalism’s barbarity against workers of the world. We call upon all trade unions, workers and humanists of the world to stand by this demand and encourage their organizations’ to officially ratify this demand.

Initial signers:

  • Marcel Amiyeto, ODT-travailleurs immigrés – Marocco
  • Ludovic Arberet, member of Syndicat National du Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pèche et des établissements publics CGT (SYAC CGT) – France
  • Masoud Arjang, unionist in Vancouver – Canada
  • Alain Baron, member of the commission internationale de l’Union syndicale Solidaires – France
  • Donatella Biancardi, national chairpersonn of Unione Sindacale di Base (USB) – Italy
  • Emmanuelle Bigot, member of the commission internationale de l’Union syndicale Solidaires – France
  • Luis Blanco, Intersindical Alternativa de Cataluña (IAC) – Catalunia, Spain
  • Sophie Boiszeau, Initiative Communiste-Ouvrière – France
  • Angel Bosqued, member of the international secretariat of the Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) – Spain
  • Pascal Brun, Union syndicale Solidaires du Var – France
  • Biel Caldentey, international co-ordinator of the Confederación de Sindicatos de Trabajadores y Trabajadoras de la Enseñanza ; Intersindical – Spain
  • Anaïs Cintas, member of the CGT PEP -Lyon – France
  • Comités Syndicalistes Révolutionnaires – France
  • Confederation Solidaridad Obrera – Spain
  • Annick Coupé, general delegate of the Union syndicale Solidaires – France
  • Shahla Daneshfar, co-ordinator of International Labour Solidarity Committee– Iran
  • Pascal Descamps, member of the CGT ADDSEA, Besançon – France
  • Nicolas Dessaux, Solidarité Irak – France
  • Emancipation, unionist tendency – France
  • Stéphane Enjalran, member of the commission internationale de l’Union syndicale Solidaires – France
  • Paco González, Sindicato Trabajadores del Metal – Intersindical Valenciana
  • Goran Gustafson, LO – Sweden
  • Aleksa Gvozden, Initiative Communiste-Ouvrière – France
  • Willi Hajek, réseau international syndical et associatif Transnationals Information Exchange (TIE).
  • Stéphane Julien, member of SNUipp-FSU and Solidarité Irak – France
  • Yadi Kohi, member of CGT PEP – Lyon – France
  • Marcel Kounouho, Syndicat national des travailleurs des services de la santé humaine (SYNTRASESH) – Bénin
  • Ali Lofti, secrétaire général de l’Organisation Démocratique du Travail (ODT) – Marocco
  • Christian Mahieux, secrétaire national de l’Union syndicale Solidaires – France
  • Vicent Maurí Genovés, secrétaire de la Confederación Intersindical – Spain
  • Frédéric Michel (SUD-Rail), co-ordinator of the réseau international syndical et associatif Rail Sans Frontières (RSF) – France
  • Giulio Moretti, national deputy of the Organizzazione Sindacati autonomi e di base (Or.S.A.) – Italy
  • Saïd Nafi, national deputy of the Observatoire des Droits des Travailleurs et des Libertés Syndicales au Maroc (ODTLSM) – Marocco
  • Arsalan Nazeri, contact in Australia of theof International Labour Solidarity Committee – Iran
  • Mamadou Niang, Département International CGTM – Mauritanie
  • Organisation Démocratique du Travail – Marocco
  • Vincent Présumey, FSU Allier – France.
  • Habib Rezapour, Vahed Bus Drivers Union – Iran
  • Fernando Rodal, Confederación Educadores Americanos – Uruguay
  • Mohamed Salem Sadali, secretary of the SATEF – Algérie
  • Luis Serrano, international relations of the Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) – Spain
  • Bahram Soroush, speaker of International Labour Solidarity Committee-Iran – Iran
  • Bayla Sow, Syndicat Unique des Travailleurs des Transports Aériens et Activités Annexes (SUTTAAAS) – Sénégal
  • Pierre Stambul, Emancipation tendency, SNES/FSU – France
  • Dirceu Travesso, Central Sindical e Popular Conlutas (CSP-Conlutas)  – Brazil
  • Helmut Weiss, LabourNet – Germany
  • Workers Party of America – USA
  • Brahim Yakine, Organisation Démocratique du Rail (ODR) – Marocco

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