Labour activist Afshin Osanlou dies in prison in Iran


The regime in Iran is responsible for his death

 Afshin Osanlou, an inter-city bus driver, prominent labour activist and brother of bus workers’ union leader Mansoor Osanlou, died of cardiac arrest in Rajaee Shahr Prison in Iran on Friday 21st June. He was only 42. According to his family, Afshin had no history of heart disease. He was arrested in the autumn of 2010, tortured and given a five-year sentence for his labour activities. According to his sister, Afshin died before reaching hospital. All indications are that Afshin Osanlou has been murdered by the regime. This is not the first time that a dissident activist dies in prison in Iran. The following are some of the activists and political dissidents who in recent years have died in Iran’s prisons:

 *Sattar Beheshti *Hodi Saaber *Zahra Bani Yaghoub *Mohsen Dogmechi *Mansoor Raadpoor *Zahra Kazemi *Omid Reza Mirsiafi *Heshmat Saaran *Alborz Ghasemi *Akbar Mohammadi and *Ali Akbar Saeedi Sirjani.

Harassment and torture of political prisoners and the inhuman prison conditions are behind many of the physical and psychological ailments affecting political prisoners in Iran, and which the judicial authorities stop from being treated. The death of Afshin Osanlou is a warning about the threats facing political prisoners in Iran.

By its persecution of activists, by its physical and psychological tortures, by its inhuman prison conditions, by its denial of medical care for prisoners suffering from ill health, the regime in Iran is responsible for the deaths of jailed labour activists and political prisoners.

·        We the undersigned condemn the Islamic Republic regime for the murder of Afshin Osanlou.

·        We call for the immediate release of all jailed workers and political prisoners in Iran.

·        We call for the provision of urgent and proper medical care for all jailed workers and political prisoners in Iran.

·        We join the families of political prisoners in demanding an end to the deadly conditions in Iran’s prisons, implementation of appropriate safeguards for prisoners’ health and safety and protection of their rights in accordance with internationally recognised standards.



  • Shahla Daneshfar, Co-ordinator of Free Them Now, Campaign to Free Jailed Workers in Iran
  • Bahram Soroush,International Labour Relations of  Free Them Now
  • Göran Gustavsson, LO – Sweden
  • Sophie Boiszeau, Initiative Communiste-Ouvrière, France
  • Yves Coleman, Ni patrie ni frontières, France
  • Quentin Dauphiné, Émancipation – Tendance Intersyndicale, France
  • Pascal Descamps, CGT, France
  • Nicolas Dessaux, Solidarité Irak, France
  • Aleksa Gvozden, Initiative Communiste-Ouvrière, France
  • Stéphane Julien, Émancipation – Tendance Intersyndicale, France
  • Renaud Romagnan, Informaticien CNRS, Issy Les Moulineaux, France
  • Masoud Arjang,  Free Them Now , Canada
  • Faramarz Ghorbani, Free Them Now, Sweden
  • Hoshyar Soroush, Free Them Now, Sweden
  • Naser Shishegar, Free Them Now, Sweden
  • Hassan Salehi, Free Them Now, Sweden
  • Arsalan Nazeri, Free Them Now, Australia
  • Reza Rashidi, Free Them Now, England

28 June 2013

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