1972-08 Correspondance A. Buick / B. Rizzi

Publiée en appendice de L’inedito di Bruno Rizzi  « Inflazione e controrivoluzione » , Howard Moss, dans Il Politico: rivista italiana di scienze politiche, Vol. 54, N°1, Fasc. 149 (Università di Pavia, 1989).

Bruno Rizzi,

Casella Postale No. 3, Gargagno (Brescia), ITALY.

10 August 1972

Dear Bruno Rizzi,

I have obtained your narae from the list of overseas contacts of the Socialist Party of Great Britain (the previous Overseas Secretary has resigned and I am one of those doing the job for the time being). I hope you do not mind me asking, but are you the same Bruno Rizzi who wrote a book called « La bureaucratisation du monde » ? If so, was this book ever published and where could I get a copy of it because I have heard it alleged that it was plagiarised by James Burnham for his book «  The Managerial revolution ».

I should also be interested in your currentpolitical views.

Also, do you still wish to receive copies of the SOCIALIST STANDARD ?

Yours for world Socialism,

for the Overseas Contacts Secretary.


A. Buick


Bruno Rizzi 37012 Bussolengo (Verona) Italy

Dear Sir,

Of course I will like to receive as usually Socialist Standard and I thank you very much. For my current political views, I will send you the first volume of « Socialismo Infantile » who is of course in Italien. But Comrade Walter Kendall mai help you. He is in syndacal Labour Party and tacht in a college of Oxford but leave in London. A photografed copie of the Burocratisation du Monde is available in British Museum and mai be some of my books too. The gentleman Burnham do of course a good bessenis whit my tought, but the wonder is that my books remain without recension, what I think, is very petty for Socialist idea developpement.

Yours for world Socialism

Bruno Rizzi

Bussolengo 23/8/1972



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