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Miners strike (Britain, 1984)

La Bataille socialiste

Site of education, information and documents for living marxism and working democracy. Our resources are on the socialist inheritance, particularly of

the french left-wing groups in the 1930’s, Bataille socialiste (Socialist Battle) and Gauche révolutionnaire (Revolutionary Left), of the French Socialist Party (SFIO), Que faire?, PSOP (Socialist Labor and Peasant Party [*]),

the Spanish POUM [*],

libertarian marxist and anti-stalinist currents like the american Johnson-Forest tendency and Marxism-Humanism, the french « state-capitalist » current (Socialisme ou Barbarie & Pouvoir ouvrier), the impossibilism (british & canadian SP) and deleonism (american SLP), the Dutch-German Left, the Paul Mattick’s works, and workers’communism in Iran and Iraq today.

[*] PSOP and POUM were affiliates of the London Bureau (International Revolutionary Marxist Centre, which also included the British Independent Labour Party).

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Strikers gathered at St Georges Hall, 1911


Railroad strikers (New Jersey, 1915)

General Strike in San Francisco, 1934

Western socialist. August, 1947

Western socialist. August, 1947

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