1936-11 The Spanish Revolution (extract)

Vol. I N°3. November 4. 1936

Gorkin for London, Paris and Brussels

Comrade Gorkin, of the POUM Executive Committee, together with Comrade Solano of the POUM’s youth organisation (Juventid Comunista Iberica) will represent our party in the Brussels Congress against War and Fascism beginning on the 30th, were Comrade Gorkin will speak on « The mobilisation of the working class of the world in aid of our Spanish comrades».

Comrade Gorkin is also the POUM speaker at the Paris monster-meeting on the 23rd. of this month, in which Durruti, the anarchist leader, and Jaime Miravitlles of the Esquerra Catalana (Catalan Republican Left) are likewise taking part, and at the meeting which is being organised in our favour by our comrades of the ILP in London on October 25th.

ILP Revolutionary Exposition

While in London. Comrade Julian Gorkin will also attend the Exposition which the ILP is organising concerning the Spanish Revolution. In it will figure POUM posters, POUM publications, newspapers, and manifestos, and a special feature will be a collection of arms used against the fascists in the Spanish civil war. Money raised by the exposition is to be sent to the POUM.

A letter from Victor Serge

Victor Serge, the great revolutionary and well known writer, has written to assure the POUM that from the depths of Siberia and the prisons of the Soviet Union, all the oppositionists in the USSR, whether anarchists, trades-unionists or trotskists are with us with all their hearts. Victor Serge knows the ideas and desires of the October revolutionaries, with whom he was imprisoned some months ago, and he feels he is fulfilling a duty in telling us that, if they could do so, many of them would be in our ranks today.

Visit of Comrade Sneevliet

The deputy of the Netherlands Socialist revolutionary Worker’s Party, Comrade Sneevliet, who have just spent a few days with us, brought the revolutionary greetings of the workers of the Netherlands to the workers of Spain, together with 400 dollars for the POUM and an equal sum for another workers organisation, all of it collected among the workers of the of the Netherlands. During his stay, Comrade Sneevliet, who is the only trotskist to be elected deputy to any bourgeois government, broadcast from the POUM radio station a speech on the present situation of the workers parties and organisations in his country.

Money from Austria

In spite of fascist repression, large collections have been made by the Austrian proletariat in favour of the workerswho are fighting for liberty in Spain. In various factories in Vienna, where subscription have been opened, workers have suffered arrest. The police was later obliged to release them due to the energetic action taken by the other workers.

Soviet ship

Great excitement was experienced by the workers in Barcelona this week at the arrival of the Soviet ship «Zierinin», which brought us provisions from the USSR. Crowds of workers thronged the docks as the ship made port, cheering its arrival. The POUM was well represented, and among the many red and red-and-black (anarchists flags, wavingon the quayside was to be seen one inRussian from our organisation which said; «The POUM appreciates the the Soviet workers’ aid to the Spanish Revolution». The POUM also hopes that the next ship will bring arms.

International Proletarian Solidarity

The appeal for an International Solidarity Fund, has made a deep Impression on all sides The amount collected so far totals 6.551.331 francs and other large gifts are expected.

The Swiss workers have sent ten tons of powdered milk, the equivalent of 80.000 litres of liquid milk, for needy mothers and children, and an ambulance. The workers of the Argentine announce the sending of a shipload of provisions and clothing. The American Labor Chest has raised 100.000 dollars to be sent immediately to Spain.


Y.P.S.L. and P.O.U.M.

We have received a letter from the Young People Socialist league in Brooklyn, New York, expressing their sympathy with the POUM and hailing in us the only workers party in Spain possessing the revolutionary solution of the present problems of the working class. This letter in which the YPSL asks for direct contacts with our youth movement, was read in our daily English broadcast from the POUM radio.

Towards the World Revolution

«The Spanish Revolution » Is On Sale

Price two pence or five cents and may be ordered from:


THE INDEPENDENT LABOR PARTY, 35, St. Bride Street, London. A. Boyd, THE MARXIST LEAGUE, 238 Edgeware Road, London W. 2. THE SOCIALIST LEAGUE, 3 Victoria Street, SWI; London. And from the divisional secretaries of the above rganisations throughout the provinces.


Arne Swabeck, The Labor Book Shop, 28 E. 12th. St., New York City. Ernest Erber, YPSL, 549 Randolph Street; Chicago, 111. Become a subscriber to «The Spanish Revolution» through one of the above organisations. Send in your order NOW.

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