1993-07 Communiqué on the formation of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq

In the changing world of today, with the fall of the Soviet bloc’s false socialism, world capitalism has stepped up its ideological and political campaign against the working class and worker-socialist aims, declaring communism and Marxism dead and capitalism and free market immortal. It advocates the same system which has organised social life on the basis of economic inequality between people, imposed political, social and cultural enslavement, and created massive wars and human tragedies; a system which has already turned hunger, poverty, homelessness, lack of social security, health care and education, to the normal way of life of the majority of humanity; sent millions of starving men, women and children in Africa and in other parts of the Third World to their deaths; and thrown hundreds of millions of workers throughout the world into unemployment, poverty and insecurity. This is the state of things at a time when the advances made in technology, the rise in social production and in labour productivity have turned the world into a huge city where it has become possible to reduce the working time and provide everyone with a standard of living which people deserve at the end of the twentieth century.

The advocates of capitalism are anxiously trying to portray parliamentary democracy as eternal and as a progressive model to fashion the political and intellectual life of human society. The present reality and the history of democracy show, however, that democracy is only the political and ideological aspiration of one social movement of the bourgeoisie. It is a reduction of Man’s real freedom and a barrier to his/her liberation from the grips of the enslaving class system. Under capitalism the bourgeois ideology, in different forms, relying on nationalism, religion and racism, has subjected humanity to untold crimes. By imprisoning people in nationalist sentiments and ethnic prejudices, nationalism has in many countries created the catastrophe where the people of one nationality slaughter those of another.

Against this global class system the only social movement holding the banner of liberation of mankind and fighting for the eradication of all human sufferings is worker-socialism. The struggle against the capitalist system and its replacement with socialism through the working class’s social revolution has been a living tradition in the world working-class movement. Worker-socialism is the cause and the tradition of struggle which has Marxism as its world outlook. With different degrees of power and influence, worker-socialism is present in an ongoing fight in the world working- class movement to strengthen this movement and organise and push it forward in a united internationalist and communist struggle. Without workers’ organising themselves politically and in a worker-communist party the liberation of the working class and humanity is impossible. Now more than ever communists must put the working class’s social alternative before society and strive for its realisation.

In this most critical period in Iraq’s contemporary political life, in the Iraqi working-class movement too worker-socialism has turned into a strong social movement, embracing a large rank of communist organisations, circles and activists. In the past two years, especially in Iraqi Kurdistan, this movement has made extensive advances. At the forefront of the workers’ class protest, this movement organised the working people’s council movement of March 91 and led forward the council movement in Kurdistan towards communist and internationalist perspectives. Its vanguard role in the struggle, and the social, historical and deep-rooted prestige enjoyed by worker-communism in the workers’ movement in the rest of Iraq, make it possible for the current trend of communism in Kurdistan to turn into a powerful advance of communism in the whole of Iraq, thus allowing worker-communism to intervene as an active force in the political and social life of Iraq and its future.

The present situation of Iraq and the favourable opportunities available to worker- socialism at present, have made the formation of the communist party of the Iraqi working class a vital duty of this movement. The clear perspective and the ideological and political coherence which this movement enjoys, together with the large rank of worker and communist activists and cadres who have come forward at this stage, have more than ever created the possibility of forming a Marxist working-class party with a powerful social base. This has become the absolute practical precondition for the further advance of the workers’ movement. Not only does this party generally provide a vital tool for the Iraqi working class, but under the crucial conditions of Iraq today it also provides the possibility of active intervention by worker-socialism in Iraq’s political and social future.

Following the efforts of communists, and activists and leaders of the workers’ movement in Iraq to build the worker-communist party of Iraq, a large number of activists of the worker-socialist movement in Iraq have assigned us to form this party and to lead it until its first congress.

By this communiqu‚ we announce the formation of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq. We see it as our task to lead and direct the party, form the necessary organs, and organise other activities of a worker-communist centre. By relying on a large rank of the movement’s cadres and activists, we see our task as building up a powerful Marxist and internationalist working-class party and providing a competent and coherent worker-communist leadership.

While we proclaim the formation of the party of the working class in Iraq, we recognise that the field of action and the political and organisational influence of this party at present is mainly among the working class in Kurdistan and in the Kurdish society. The struggle for strengthening and extending the political and organisational activity of the party, especially in other parts of Iraq, is a vital task of the Worker- communist Party of Iraq.

The Worker-communist Party of Iraq calls on communist workers and worker-socialist militants to join its ranks.

Long live socialism!

Long live freedom, equality, workers’ state!

Long live the Worker-communist Party of Iraq!

21 July 1993

Amjad Ghafour, H. Asouh, Khosro Saayeh, Ribwar Ahmad, Taher Hasan, Moayed Ahmad, Ahmad Moin, Saman Karim, Nader Abdolhamid, Faares Mahmoud


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