2002-12 Declaration of the Socialist Workers Organization of Afghanistan

In the course of history the socialist movement of workers and communists has born the brutal aggressions of the bourgeoisie and its elite. After the end of the cold war and ‘victory’ of capitalism of free market economy against the state capitalism, who has been misusing the name of socialism, the bourgeoisie and its exploiter elite began to drum beat the end of communism. The capitalism of free market economy who has always falsely been claiming the upgrading of the living standards, decrease in the poverty and being defender of peace and liberty, has delivered in practice nothing during the last ten years but war, poverty, empowering the reactionary forces and decrease in the living standards among the waste majority of the global population.

The political, mental and economic domination of the bourgeoisie has been increased extensively and is still continued. Unfortunately, for a large number of people socialist struggle is now something old fashioned and a large number of previous socialists are found today in the rows of reactionary bourgeoisie, some have lost hope and belief in creation of a humane world free of oppression and exploitation and have abandoned the camp.

The actions and protests against globalization of the capital and increase of poverty and unemployment during the last few years, in Seattle and else where in the world have entered into a new phase. Although these protests have a long way to go to be a radical socialist movement against capitalism, but still the new wave of class camp against the absolute rule of capitalism is a fresh breeze of a new era of uprising of the working class and the proletarian against the international capitalism.

Opposition of the workers socialism against capitalism in the last century has been the consequence of some material and intellectual factors. Workers as a class, is and has always been the most important factor in a real camp against capitalism and re-presentation of the workers socialism. With the dominance of a variety of non-worker’s and bourgeois socialisms, Russian and Chinese communism and western version of social democracy in the last century, the workers socialism had been marginalized. With weakening and reaching of the non-worker’s and bourgeois socialism to a dead stop point and absence of a potent and real workers socialist movement, the environment suited the rise of reactionary movements among the working class and the rest of the working masses.

An active and organized struggle of communists for enhancing need of the knowledge for reorganization of workers would be imperative for development of alternative workers socialism in the future. There is no doubt that the struggle needs an enormous amount of work and energy to succeed. To have a dominant socialism, is an enormous and one of the hardest jobs but the hardness of this job is not equal in every part of the world. Afghanistan is one of the spots where transforming of workers socialism into a dominant force and a popular social movement would face some of the biggest hurdles.

Some of the hurdles are the previous government of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), invasion of the USSR military forces and the brutalities of that period which were carried out in the name of socialism. This unpleasant experience is still in the active memories of the whole population. Despotism of the rule of PDP and invasion of Russian troops had no other consequences but increasing incredibly in the influence of ethnic and religious reactionary groups. Although the brutal black rule of the religious, ethnic and tribal groups have deprived them of their bases and mass support of the masses in the country, but due to the weakness of the progressive and socialist forces and massive support of the international imperialism to the reactionary forces, they have been kept to a dominant position both politically and militarily. Consequently, the presence of a wild and strong reactionary is another hurdle for the progress of a socialist movement.

At present, the economic and social consequences of more than two decades of war have deteriorated the conditions for a socialist struggle in the country. The economy of the country is in ruins and majority of the population has got nothing else but their two hands to earn for their living. Priority of the people is just to get a job and get rid of hunger. In such circumstances, struggle for better work conditions and economic demands would face real
limitations, at least in the short period. Besides, in the political arena, communists and workers of Afghanistan have to face both, the wild and brutal reactionary and America and its alliance, which makes the struggle in Afghanistan extremely depending on the global developments and the International socialist movement.

Situation of the World

Right from the beginning of the end of cold war and bipolar world, America and its allies have been shouting for the new world order. Intention of the US, the only remaining super power of the world, was total imposition of its dominance on the world. During the decade after the downfall of the eastern block, the world did not experience any special political or military order rather mostly international economic liberalism was allowed to explore the world. The world was left for the rivalry of the multi national companies and trusts. Unchallenged expansion of the free market economy was a new phenomenon called ‘globalization’ in the post cold war. This resulted to intensify the poverty, increase the gap in the scale of income of different classes, economic crisis, war and unemployment.

In this period, Afghanistan, which was the center of the attention of the west during the cold war era, like some other parts of the world was ignored as they were considered to be insignificant economically. The incident of 11th of September 2001, compelled the west to materialize their view of the new world order and solve the problem of the forgotten parts like Afghanistan. Hence, 11th of September, 2001 can be called the turning point in the post cold war politics of international imperialism.

Obviously, the world stands in the beginning of the process of new world order. A process which would have great differences and tensions among the big economic powers for their role and status. The differences and political conflicts, which would basically be reflecting the economic interests of the rival companies in the international market. In this struggle the US, getting advantage of its military supremacy, would try its utmost to impose its leadership and supremacy on all others. But keeping in view the world’s economic reality, it seems hard that the US could achieve its goal. With great certainty, the new world order would not be forming a single polar world with US on the top, rather a multi polar world with several important powers.

Obviously, a multi polar world with rivalry amongst the imperialists would suit the socialist and anti capitalist movement comparing with a single polar world. But success of a socialist movement in small single country, contrary to the cold war era, would be having minute significance without the association and solidarity of the international workers socialist movement, keeping in view the experience of the past few years. In brief, expansion of the free market economy, differences among the multi national trusts and its disastrous consequences on the masses and workers all over the world is the new development of our time. The new world order would basically be formed on the basis of interests and economic power of capitalism. The phenomenon of ‘globalization’ has unavoidably put the matter of solidarity and collective struggle of world workers on top of the agenda of international socialist workers movement.


Afghanistan is passing through a period of recovery from shock. It has experienced the extremely religious reactionary and middle age regime of Taliban and is transforming into an Islamic national reactionary regime dependent and installed by the US and west. After the end of the cold war the country was left on its fate in the hands of Islamic reactionary bandits who were constantly supported both economically and morally by the West. After the incident of 11th of September they once again got full attention of the international imperialism and capitalism.

11th of September paved the way for direct political and military intervention of the US and its allies in Afghanistan and the country was transformed into one of important American military bases. The strategy and interests of the imperialism demands bringing stability and relatively acceptable situation in Afghanistan. So, Afghanistan is going through the process from being a stateless region and center of Islamic extremist groups and mass producer of narcotics towards a capitalist society of the third world with a reactionary puppet regime.

The crisis in Afghanistan continues and an end to this crisis depends on creation of a relatively adequate situation, reconstruction, economic revival and creation of jobs for the masses in the country. Certainly, restoration of social and economic structure after the end of these stormy decades would be a kind of primitive capitalism. Some of the pre capitalism economic relations would exist in the margins for quite some time in the dealings. But seeking connection between these marginal relations and their interpretation for a composite of being half feudal and half capitalist society is more political and ideological leaning of the nationalist left and bourgeoisie of the country than being a reality, who have had an longstanding goal of industrialization and prosperity of the national economy.

As it has been mentioned above, the political and military presence of the US and its allies in Afghanistan has a greater purpose than just being a military threat to Al-Qaida and Taliban or security of the present regime that is extremely unstable due to its internal ethnic factions. Hence the Americans would never be willing to leave the country soon and with its free will. Expelling the Americans and removing the present regime depending on it, is a long struggle and at the same time quite hard. The only force that could accomplish this gigantic task is the workers and their upcoming socialist movement.

Capitalism has no choice but to create the force that would burry them, the workers, who are the most progressive class and their interest lies in eradication of capitalism. Imperialism and the international capitalism have no choice but to press the workers hard in the regions like Afghanistan for getting more profit which would trigger the resistance and struggle of the poor and working class. Imperialism, due to its interests is always keen to empower the anti-democratic and anti workers regimes. But provision of democratic liberties and especially the right of protests, establishment and free movement of the organizations and communist and socialist parties is only possible through the organized movement of workers and the under class of the society.


Socialist workers organization of Afghanistan believes to be part of the workers international socialist movement. After many years of preparation, a group of communist fighters, agreeing on the basic principle points mentioned below, declare their existence. Socialist workers organization is determined to raise the flag of struggle of workers socialism in one of the hard and most sensitive regions of the world for such struggle.

i) Workers Internationalism : Capitalism acts beyond national borders and due to the same reason working class is also a global class. In present circumstance when capitalism has explored the whole world for generating more and more revenue which has unavoidably made the international solidarity of workers very obvious. Capitalism has parallel to its efforts for materializing its own principals of production, have always attempted to grant some privileges to a group of workers and have sabotaged the solidarity and union of the working class.

Communists, deeply understanding the nature of capitalism and the way that how to rescue the working class, have always emphasized on union and solidarity of International workers movement. Communists have no other interest rather than that of the working class and what makes the communist workers movement different from other movements within the workers movement is dependence on the two basics mentioned in the Manifest »The interest of workers in one country is deeply related to global interest of workers and interests of a group of workers is twisted with the interest of all the workers. Rising from the point of preference of global interest of workers on interest of workers in one country is basic principle of the communists. Socialist Workers Organization would try its best to play an important role for solidarity of Afghan workers with the workers all around the world.

ii) Communist Party of the Working Class : Internationalism of Proletarian and solidarity of workers, in practical needs creation of communist parties in the countries all around the world. Despite globalisation of the relations of capitalism and paleness of national boarders, still communist parties in each country have its role and importance. As long as the national governments of bourgeoisie and the virtues of each country are found in the class camp, the creation of parties in each country is feasible in the struggle.

Political party of the working class, being the premier organization of the working class, in the process of class struggle and with the participation and support of its leaders and the activists comes into being. Party of the working class is the weapon for class struggle and attempts for constant advancement of the working class. Creation of a party in one country is sign of awareness and progress of the working class.

In the twentieth century simultaneous with the overpowering of the other beliefs and ideals over the so-called communist and socialist movements, they lost their connection with the masses. The Young working class in Afghanistan badly needs its party for the class struggle. A communist party that would come into being in future, from the struggle of the working class with their full support and direct participation is in the centre of the struggle of the Socialist Workers Organization of Afghanistan.

iii) Revolution and Reform: Communists, despite full urging on the need and unavoidability of the socialist revolution, strongly support the struggle for more and more pressure on the regimes for improving the lives of the working class. Rise of the revolutionary circumstances have its own mechanism and is never bound to the strategy and intention of a socialist party. The vital obligation of a socialist workers party is to be prepared for eventual revolution so that together with the working class they could conclude victory of the revolutionary transformation.

That, what makes communist struggle different from just struggle for reforms is that the communist while struggling for reforms believes that nullification of having private property and paid labour is only possible through revolution. The most radical reformist movement keeps the real bases of capitalism un-touched. Bourgeoisie even gets willing for grant of reforms after being forced and always tries to seize back the given reforms gradually in the suitable times.

iv) Religion and the Reactionary Culture: No doubt communism believes on materialism and as such is always against religion and superstitions. But what make a socialist political struggle against religion vital and relevant is not only the philosophical differences, rather its political role in the class struggle. In other words, political and ideological struggle against religion becomes important when the beliefs of workers strengthen the grip of the reactionary forces. The present situation in Afghanistan shows the irrelevance of the role of religion, despite the claims of the ruling Islamic factions for legitimacy of their rule, the present regime is more of nationalistic character of clans rather than being religious. So, after demise of Taliban the demand for separation of state and the religion and un-conditional civil rights get very important. Consequently the time has come to calm down the hot ideological struggle alongside the struggle for the political demands.

Eradication of religious superstitions and reactionary culture is a complex and long process. The ideological and philosophic struggle against them is not enough, and as long as the material support for existence of religion and reactionary culture continues, they are going to reproduce. Nullification of private property and exploitation would end the material ground for the religion and the reactionary forces and would pave the way for their elimination.

v) Nationalism and the Ethnic oppression: The present history of rise of Afghan nationalism, the bourgeoisie ideology goes back to the beginning of the last century. Afghan nationalism, like the phenomenon of nationalism itself, was totally the tool of ideological and political interest of the young bourgeoisie in the country which was struggling to replace the old culture and traditions and the clan and ethnic values. Afghan nationalism due to the dawdling production dealings in the country and at the same time some particular ethnic tendencies in the society did not succeed very much. Even now most of the Afghans do try to find their identity in their ethnic relations rather than the afghan nationalism.

Afghan nationalism has weakened during the war years instead of getting stronger, but the ethnic mentality has strengthened. In past, afghan nationalism got its identity from the war against the imperialism such as war against English forces and patriotism was considered their quality. But now the afghan nationalists see their interest in the shelter of the imperialism and consider it synonym to the patriotism. In spite of paleness of the afghan nationalism at present, it does not mean that the ruling bourgeoisie has left the nationalist ideology aside, to the contrary, they constantly try to benefit and use that as a tool for strengthening their rule. Despite their black history this tendency still constitutes with considerable force.

One of the facts which helped the strengthening of the ethnic forces in Afghanistan was the discriminatory and chauvinist policies of the ruling pashtoon elite. In other words the problematic of ethnic repression on the basis of ethnic, religious or racial relations was misused by the nationalists for their own political interests. Nullification of discrimination and similar treatment of all the citizens and provision of equal rights to all is one of the important preconditions for strengthening the future socialist movement. Nationalism under every name and grade crock with the workers socialism and unavoidably workers socialism has this struggle in every sphere.

vi) Women: Oppression on women or gender discrimination besides class oppression is one of the oldest injustices in the history of human being. Sentencing women began with the right of having private property and it can only end with nullification of the same. The struggle for equal rights for women was initiated with the socialist struggle of workers and with every achievement of the socialist movement more and more freedom was accomplished for women. Hence equal rights for men and women have a natural interconnection with the socialist movement for the end of oppression and accomplishment of real equality amongst the human being. As much as the movement for equal rights for women has in common with the freedom struggle so much is it opposition to the Jihad of the Islamists.
Oppressing women and depriving them of their most basic human rights is one of the basic demands of the reactionary movement and part of their philosophy for their existence. In a real Islamic state woman are dispossessed of any personal identity and are un-sharable properties of men. It is a reality which was openly demonstrated by the Taliban.

Women in Afghanistan are the most deprived and oppressed human being on the globe. Hence struggle for freedom in Afghanistan with struggle for freedom and equality of women with men are compatible. We should not forget that equal rights for men and women would remain a dream if women do not come out and struggle with their fellow men.

Workers Socialist Organization of Afghanistan firmly defend and endorse any demands which guarantees participation of women in all spheres of life and equal constitutional rights of men and women as one of the pre-conditions for success of socialist movement.

Our Friends, Workers, Women and Freedom loving Men!

Workers Socialist Organization of Afghanistan (WSO) belongs to the workers and socialist fighters who struggle for humane objectives of socialism. Its objectives of equality and freedom are the desire of millions of men and women of the country who have experienced the pain, tyranny and deprivation with their flush. For freedom from, oppression, poverty, deprivation, inequality, discrimination, ignorance, superstitions and in short for creation of a humane and decent life of the civilized human being of today, coma and join us. Joining Workers Socialist Organization of Afghanistan is your announcement of struggle against oppressors and criminals and your support for the freedom and equal rights fighters. We believe that we would succeed and uproot the basis of this un-equal world if we all join hands.

Long Live Workers Socialism
Long live Workers Socialist Organization of Afghanistan.

Central Committee,
Workers Socialist Organization of Afghanistan (WSO),
26th December, 2002


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