2003-02 People of Iraq do not want this war!

This war is not about the brutality of Saddam and his despotic regime. When we were fighting to get rid of Saddam, the US and British governments kept him in power. They armed him with the chemical weapons that he used against us and the people of Halabja.

This war is not about the liberation of the Iraqi people. Killing and maiming people in their tens of thousands and destroying their homes, schools, hospitals and workplaces is a sick way of trying to ‘liberate’ them.

This war is not about fighting terrorism. Terrorism will only increase as a result of this war. This war and its aftermath will provide another grievance and another excuse for Islamic terrorists to exploit for many years to come for their own horrific and reactionary ends – just as they have been doing with the injustices against the Palestinian people.

This war is not about Weapons of Mass Destruction. The biggest stockpiles of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons are held by the US and British governments themselves. USA is the only state in the world to have actually used nuclear weapons against hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Twelve years of economic sanctions have killed up to half a million people in Iraq, while strengthening the regime of Saddam. Economic sanctions have been one of the biggest Weapons of Mass Destruction.

With this war, the US and British governments are following their own inhuman political agenda. This war is the pretext for the USA to assert its unquestioning world supremacy as the biggest military and economic power in the world at the cost of tens of thousands of lives and mass destruction. The British government is playing the role of a junior partner in this bloody campaign to share in the spoils and strengthen its position vis-a-vis its rivals.

The reactionary opposition groupings in Iraq, the monarchists, Islamists, Kurdish nationalist gangs and former army officers and secret service agents of the Iraqi regime, are not the representatives of the Iraqi people. They are warlords and self-appointed rulers who already have a dark and bloody record of repression against the people of Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. They are not the ‘liberators’ of the people of Iraq. They are, rather, the new Iraqi Contras – armed and financed by the CIA and Pentagon and/or various repressive regional states such as the Islamic regime in Iran. A devastating war and the unleashing of these forces is the grim future being planned by Bush and Blair for the Iraqi people.

The people of Iraq do not want a bloody war that will kill and maim hundreds of thousands, destroy people’s homes, strengthen terrorists, nationalists, Islamists and other reactionary forces, and make Iraqi people’s struggle for freedom and civil liberties that much harder. Genuine freedom in Iraq will only come when the people of Iraq are able to conduct their struggles against the regime of Saddam or any other repressive regime without the threat of war, without the murderous economic sanctions and without intimidation by US and British militarism.

Stop playing with the lives of the Iraqi people!

No war!

Worker Communist Party of Iraq (UK) (Contact Noori Bashir: n.bashir3@ukonline.co.uk 07960 669896)

International Federation of Iraqi Refugees (UK) (Contact Dashty Jamal: d.jamal@ukonline.co.uk 07734 704742)

Middle East Centre for Women’s Rights (Contact Nadia Mahmoud nadia64uk@yahoo.com 07890 065933)

Independent Women’s Organisation in Iraqi Kurdistan (Contact Sawsan Salim: sawsan.s@ukonline.co.uk 07748 851125)

Committee to Defend Women’s Rights in Iraqi Kurdistan (Contact Sawsan Salim: sawsan.s@ukonline.co.uk 07748 851125)

26 February 2003


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