2008-05 In The « New Iraq » There Is No Place for Workers Rights [IFC]

The Oil Minister Hussein Shahrastani has made a decision in which he ordered a relocation of members of oil refineries in Basra to the refineries in Baghdad. This decision comes within a series of repressive actions launched by the oil minister and his government to implement the occupation’s economic and political projects against the leaders and activists of the labor movement. This preceded the transfer of Ibrahim Radhi, one of the oil workers, from Basra to Nasiriyah (180 Km to the north of Basra) then issuing an arrest warrant against the President of Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU) Hassan Jumaa and his deputy Falih Abboud, followed by issuing another arrest warrant against Subhi Al-Badri head of the anti Oil and Gas Law front and President of the General Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq and his deputy Abdul Karim Abdul Alsada, known as Abu Watan, after sending a delegation representing the Minister of National Security, who threatened and intimidated the leaders of Basra oil unions and imposed what is the so called « Document of Honor » on the union leaders.

Today this minister, with his government, is trying to wage a fierce campaign against the labor movement which hopes for creating a humane and prosperous society that has been converted into a society of hunger, poverty, and terror by the occupation and sectarian groups.

This government saves no effort in preventing elections in the unions of the public sector, it wants it to be carried out in the private sector only and under its supervision to impose a single state-certified union in Iraq this coming June.

The attempts of the minister and his government have become overt and blatant and cannot oppress workers.

We in Iraq Freedom Congress condemn these sorts of actions that are considered clear violations to the human and labor rights that are recognized by ILO. We will also fight by all means available to abolish these illegitimate decisions.

Iraq Freedom Congress calls on all supporters inside and outside Iraq to organize a wide campaign of demonstrations in front of provincial buildings and embassies abroad, issuing statements denouncing such actions and holding press conferences to expose these practices.

Iraq Freedom Congress will continue its efforts until the government’s practices against the workers are stopped.

Long live the labour movement in Iraq

Down with All Anti-Workers Resolutions

Iraq Freedom Congress



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