Living Marxism (1938-1942)

Revue animée par Paul Mattick, prenant la suite d’I.C.C. et suivie de New Essays..

Volume 1.

No. 1 ( February 1938) pdf

  • Against the Stream (editorial). Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • The Future of Unemployment. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • Literature on Unemployment. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • Planning New Depressions. Karl Korsch
  • The Right to Work
  • Marxism and Psychology.
  • review of Freud and Marx by Reuben Osbourne.
  • review of The Flivver King by Upton Sinclair.
  • review of Men who Lead Labor by Bruce Minton and John Stuart. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]

No. 2 ( March 1938)

  • Salut à la crise . Welcome the Depression. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • « A Bird in the Hand » review of The Folklore of Capitalism by Thurman W Arnolds. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • L’idéologie marxiste en Russie pdf ext  l.h. [Karl Korsch] [+ en]
  • The Simple and the Complex – H
  • What can the Unemployed Do ?. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Clinch Calkins ‘Spy overhead: The story of industrial espionage’, and Leo Huberman ‘The labor spy racket’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of W. H. Chamberlin ‘Japan over Asia’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Foster Rhea Dulles ‘Forty Years of American-Japanese relations’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Leonid J. Stralthovsky ‘The origins of American intervention in North Russia (1918)’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Mervyn Crobaugh ‘Economics for everybody’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Charles E. Carpenter ‘A Real New Deal’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of H. Wallon, M. Prenant, H. Mineur, J. Baby et. al. ‘Science in the Light of Marxism’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]

No. 3 ( May 1938)

  • German Fascism on the Offensive. SP. [it (05-1938) external-link]
  • The Lorelei. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • Economics and Politics in Spain. l.h. (Karl Korsch). [extrait ]
  • The Dominican Republic Solves its Unemployment Problem.
  • Comment la République dominicaine résout ses problèmes de chômage
  • review of The Brookings Institution ‘America’s stake in international investments’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of John Dollard ‘Caste and class in a Southern Town’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Marie Dresden Lane and Francis Steegmuller ‘America on Relief’, U.S. Works Progress Administration ‘Trends in relief expenditures’, and ‘This question of relief’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]

No. 4 ( August 1938)

No. 5 ( November 1938)

  • The World War in the Making. Unsigned [Paul Mattick] [+ it external-link]
  • La philosophie de Lénine (Some additional remarks to J. Haper’s recent criticism of Lenin’s book « Materialism and Empirio-Criticism). l.h. (Karl Korsch).
  • General Remarks on the Question of Organisation. J. Harper (Anton Pannekoek). [+ fr ]
  • A « Marxian » Approach to the Jewish Question. review of Nationalism and the class struggle: A Marxian approach to the Jewish problem, by Ber Borochov. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • The Workers’ Alliance (What can the Unemployed Do ? part 4). Unsigned [Paul Mattick]

No. 6 ( April 1939)

No. 7 (June 1939)

  • Karl Kautsky, From Marx to Hitler. Unsigned [Paul Mattick] Karl Kautsky, de Marx à Hitler
  • The Struggle for Democracy review of Herbert Agar ‘The pursuit of happiness: The story of American democracy’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • Curbing Big Business ? P.W.
  • Discussion. On the Impotence of Revolutionary Groups. Sam Moss.
  • review of Julius O. Martov ‘The State and the Socialist Revolution’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Max Nomad ‘Apostles of revolution’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Geoffrey T. Garratt ‘Mussolini’s Roman Empire. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Gunnar Landtman ‘The origin of the inequality of the social classes’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Herbert Harris ‘American Labor’ and Robert R.R. Brooks ‘Unions of Their Own Choosing’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of A. M. Schlesinger ‘The New Deal in Action’.

No. 8 (September 1939)

Volume 2. (Vol. 5 d’I.C.C.)

No. 1 ( Spring 1940) 

  • The War is Permanent. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • The End of Bourgeois Economics. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • The Historical Character of the War and the Task of the Working Class. Alpha.
  • review of Michael Fraenkel ‘Death is Not Enough. Essays in active Negation’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of J.B.S. Haldane ‘The Marxist Philosophy and the Sciences’. K.K. [Karl Korsch]

No. 2 ( Autumn/Fall 1940)

No. 3 ( Winter 1941)

  • Fascism Made in U.S.A. Critique of Lawrence Dennis ‘The Dynamics of War and Revolution’. Paul Mattick.
  • The Dynamics of War and Revolution. response to the above by Lawrence Dennis and reply by P.M. [Paul Mattick].
  • The Workers’ Fight Against Fascism. Karl Korsch.
  • The War For A Better World. Luenika. [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Olga Hess Gankin and H.H. Fisher ‘The Bolsheviks and the World War’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Franz Hoellering ‘The Defenders’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of T.H. Reynolds ‘Economic Aspects of the Monroe Doctrine’ and ‘As Our Neighbours See Us’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]

No. 4 ( Spring 1941) pdf

  • The Fight for Britain, the Fight for Democracy, and the War Aims of the Working Class. [Karl Korsch]
  • From Liberalism to Fascism. Luenika. [Paul Mattick]
  • Revolution For What ? Critical comment on Jan Valtin ‘Out of the Night’. L.H. [Karl Korsch]
  • Man and Society in an Age of Reconstruction. Paul Mattick.
  • Toward Full Use of Resources. review by Karl Korsch.
  • review of Charles Hunt Page ‘Class and American Sociology’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]
  • review of Solomon F. Bloom ‘The World of Nations’. Unsigned [Paul Mattick]

Volume 3 (Vol. 6 d’I.C.C.)

No. 1 ( Autumn/Fall 1941)

  • War and Revolution. Karl Korsch. [ fr. pdf ]
  • Stages of Totalitarian Economy. H. Bruggers.
  • Two Men in a Boat – not to speak of the Eight Points. Paul Mattick.
  • review of Manya Gordon ‘Workers Before and After Lenin’. Luenika. [Paul Mattick]

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