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The Commune’s new pamphlet on Venezuela

17 février 2009

The Commune vient de publier une nouvelle brochure, « The revolution delayed: a decade of Hugo Chávez » qui regarde divers aspects de la situation politique au Venezuela. Le dossier présente une traduction d’un entretien d’anarchistes venezuéliens avec Charles Reeve et un interview avec Loren Goldner.


The revolution delayed: a decade of Hugo Chavez

9 février 2009

The Commune has published a translation of a discussion between French anarchist ‘Charles Reeve’ and two members of the El libertario group in Caracas. It offers a stark insight into the contradictions of the Chavista regime.

Arguing against illusions in the state-capitalist government, the comrades argue that Chavismo and the mythology of the “Bolivarian revolution” conceal a raft of neo-liberal reforms and attacks on workers’ rights, and that we must break out of the dynamics of Chávez vs. the opposition in order to build an autonomous working-class alternative.

Click here for the transcript of the interview.